The Eagles Screwed Sam Bradford

The quarterback is absolutely right to demand a trade somewhere, anywhere.

Photo by: Jeff Fusco

Photo | Jeff Fusco

Sam Bradford is a crybaby.

Sam Bradford is a weakling who is afraid of competition.

Sam Bradford doesn’t have the resume to dare pull off a holdout.

Sam Bradford is absolutely right.

Ignore the first three sentences of this column and focus on sentence number four. Sam Bradford was done a dirty deed by the Philadelphia Eagles and his only alternative is to demand a trade somewhere, anywhere else.

Now I’m not blaming the Eagles for making two savvy moves to move up in the NFL draft, to get to number two, to take North Dakota State quarterback Carson Wentz. It was something they had to do to get a franchise quarterback into their system, a kid who could play the position for the next 10 years. But when they did that, they should have also been fostering a trade at the same time for Bradford, who then became a total lame duck. 

Bradford essentially is a call girl with the Eagles, a temporary date who’ll get kicked out the door at the end of the night. When he signed the two-year deal the Eagles offered him months ago, he likely signed it with the idea that he could eventually turn that into a longer term contract by playing well. Now he doesn’t have that chance. No matter how well he plays — and let’s face it, the best the Eagles can do this season is 9-7 — he’s going to be cut or traded at the end of the season so Wentz can begin his Eagles starting QB tenure.

If he is moved to another team, he would have the chance to play for a longer term deal.

Put yourself in Bradford’s spot. Your boss has told you that you have a job now, but after one year, you are out the door because the company has recruited some young Harvard grad. Meanwhile, there is another company to which you could go and make the same money, where you are wanted. Wouldn’t you want your company to trade you to that other company?

Bradford’s NFL resume might not give him the clout in this league to demand anything. But that’s beside the point.

Once the Eagles drafted Wentz, Bradford had no future in Philadelphia. And now he wants out. And if the Eagle don’t comply, there’s going to be an ugly cloud that hangs over the progress they want to make.

Trade him to Denver. Now.