Morning Headlines: A.C. Trying to Avert Government Shutdown

Plan would let city slow pay to employees while long-term solution sought.

Good morning, Philadelphia. Here’s what you need to know today:

Atlantic City officials and employees are trying to avert a government shutdown.

NBC10 reports that a temporary plan calls for paying employees every 28 days — instead of the current two weeks — starting next week and ending May 6. (The plan allows the city to keep operations running while waiting for a property tax collection on May 1.) The idea is to give state and local officials breathing room to figure out a long-term solution to the city’s financial woes. “The concern from the beginning is being fair to all city employees, yet being fair to taxpayers as well,” says Mayor Don Guardian. “This clearly is a more logical, more methodical process to go through.”

The Roots won’t be helping Philly celebrate July 4th this year.

The Roots won’t be headlining the Wawa Welcome America! Festival on July 4th, according to this report from Billy Penn. The Philly natives have played the annual concert since 2009. But new Mayor Jim Kenney is apparently doing some behind-the-scenes tinkering. “There are exciting changes going on at WaWa Welcome America and we look forward to announcing them at a press conference in the coming weeks,” Lauren Hitt, the mayor’s spokeswoman, said in an emailed statement. The band hasn’t released a formal statement, but drummer Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson tweeted Billy Penn’s story Wednesday morning, along with a cryptic comment: “#goodluckwiththat.”

Oops! An abduction in South Philadelphia turned out to be part of a rap video shoot.

NBC10 reports that at 7 p.m. Wednesday witnesses saw two men throw another man into the trunk of a gold Chevy on Broad Street and Snyder Avenue. But there’s nothing to see here! As news of the apparent abduction spread, police said, three men showed up at the department’s Special Victims Unit and told police the incident was staged for the rap video they are making. No charges have been filed.

An anti-Semitic tweet ended the season for a Temple University intramural team.

The Temple News reports an intramural floor hockey team forfeited a playoff game this week after a member tweeted trash talk against the opponent — made up of members of the Jewish fraternity Alpha Epsilon Pi. The offending student tweeted, ““I’ll be damned if we lose to a bunch of Jewish frat kids,” followed by a #Heil hashtag. The student apologized and his team ordered to forfeit the game.  “We accept his apology … We just want the kid to realize, ‘Hey, you messed up, but now you can educate yourself on this issue,’” said a member of Alpha Epsilon Pi. “We’re not trying to get him kicked out of school or anything like that.” Officials said the matter is now being handled by the Dean of Students office.

Opera Philadelphia and New York’s famed Apollo Theater are teaming up.

The New York Times reports the two are already collaborating on the New York premiere of Charlie Parker’s Yardbird, and now plan to team up on a series of contemporary operas over the next few years. The next production: We Shall Not Be Moved, inspired by the writings of Philadelphia high school students in Opera Philadelphia’s Hip H’opera program. “Opera Philadelphia has been an incredible partner,” said Mikki Shepard, the Apollo Theater’s executive producer.

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