New Eagles Offensive Lineman: “Wawa Is The Truth”

Brandon Brooks was skeptical about Wawa. But his first visit turned him into a believer.

Brandon Brooks: Wawa Is The Truth

Brandon Brooks loves Wawa.

When the Eagles signed offensive lineman Brandon Brooks to a 5-year, $40 million deal earlier this month, his first words about the city of Philadelphia were pretty good.

Philly is “like a smaller, cleaner version of New York,” he said. Who knew the city derisively nicknamed “Filthydelphia” had a reputation as being clean, even if it was just in a comparison to New York? Brandon Brooks started off on the right foot.

Now things are getting even better. He’s embraced Wawa.

Brooks had inquired about Wawa a few days ago, asking his Twitter followers what the obsession with the convenience store/deli was. Per his Twitter feed, he visited Lolita and Davio’s while in the city. And he also went to Wawa — perhaps the Robinson Luggage Wawa! — and declared it “the truth.” (He also didn’t write it “WaWa” or “Wa Wa.” Bonus points!)

Brandon Brooks is getting off on the right foot with Eagles fans. Now, the harder part: Blocking well enough to become a fan favorite.

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