Milton Street Would Still Like to Host a Trump Rally

But Philly's dearth of African-American Republicans makes it unlikely to happen soon.

Photo via Renee Toppin’s Facebook

Photo via Renee Toppin’s Facebook

Back in December, you’ll remember, former Pennsylvania state senator and ex-con Milton Street ended up on a stage with Donald Trump and a group of African American ministers — and invited Trump to Philly.

Specifically, he asked Trump to come to town and “address the black community on what we’re going to do about stopping the crime in the black community and black-on-black crime in [the] black community and crime in our schools.”

“I would do that,” Trump said.

It hasn’t happened so far, but Street told this week that his invitation is still open. Trump, however, might be busy with other stuff.

“You have to understand that he’s running to get the delegates now and there aren’t enough black Republicans in Philadelphia to make a difference in that,” Street told the website. “You can’t expect him to take his resources and put them in an area where there’s no return at all.”

But: Just wait until the general election!

“If he wins the nomination, he’s coming to Philly,” Street said. “It’s gonna be a heavy lift, but it’s gonna be interesting. What I think is going to happen – nobody’s told me this, it’s just my sense – is that once he gets the nomination in July, the floodgates are going to open.”

The Republican National Convention is July 18-21 in Ohio. We should know at that point if Trump, indeed, is the nominee.