Arrest Made in Deadly Drag Racing Accident, Warrant Issued for Second Suspect

Three were killed and one seriously injured in a drag racing crash in the Northeast over the summer. The police announced one arrest and a warrant for another today.


Ryan Farrell (left); Christopher Bloomfield (right)

Police arrested 20-year-old Christopher Bloomfield at his home on Knorr Street Saturday in connection with a deadly drag racing accident in July that killed three people. Officials also issued a warrant for the arrest of Ryan Farrell, 20, from the 10000 block of Northeast Avenue, who police say was driving a second car involved in the crash. The cars were heading northbound on Sandmeyer Lane at the time of the incident.

Bloomfield is charged with three counts of “Homicide by Vehicle, Aggravated Assault While Driving under the Influence; Homicide by Vehicle and related offenses.” On July 15, 2015, Bloomfield was allegedly driving a 2007 Acura that struck a tree while traveling at a high rate of speed.

Three of his passengers — 17-year-olds Yvette Gonzalez and Sabrina Rhoads and 20-year-old Felip Hernandez — were pronounced at the scene. Gonzalez, of Rhawn Street, and Rhoads, of Newberry Street, were ejected from the car after it crashed into the tree and split in two. A fourth victim, a 17-year-old Bogdan Arutyunov, “was found on the highway with severe head, femur and pelvic injuries; he was immediately transferred to Aria Torresdale Hospital in critical condition,” police said. He survived and continues to recover from his injuries. 

Farrell faces charges of “Accident Involving Death, Homicide by Vehicle, Aggravated Assault by Vehicle and Involuntary Manslaughter.”

Anyone with information regarding Farrell’s location is asked to contact the Accident Investigation District at 215-685-3180 or call 911.

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