PHOTOS: Center City Bus Crash Sent SUV Through Bank Window

The collision involving a school bus, a SEPTA bus, a taxi and an SUV happened around noon. No major injuries have been reported.


Photo | Mariam Dembele

Reportedly 19 people have been injured after a crash today at the corner of 15th Street and JFK Boulevard involving a school bus, a SEPTA bus, a black SUV and a taxi cab.

Heather Redfern, a spokesperson for SEPTA, said the crash was caused by a taxi cab hitting the Route 17 SEPTA bus. Subsequently the school bus and SUV became involved. Both the school bus and SUV hopped the curb, and the SUV then crashed into the glass wall of the TD Bank on the corner. 

Redfern said that the 13 people on the SEPTA bus were taken to the hospital for minor injures. Police reported that there were no major injuries and that there were no children on board the school bus.

The scene at the crash site was hectic; around 1 p.m. there were still large groups of onlookers, police and reporters.

Inside the bank, workers seemed to be assessing the damage to the glass wall, which had completely caved in, leaving shattered glass spread out on the hood of the SUV and around the entrance to the bank. Debris that landed in the street was swept up by an officer.

The cab seemed to have taken the brunt of the damage, the front end slammed into the wall of a the subway entrance stairway and traffic light pole. The bumper of the cab was disconnected and lay a short distance from the cab.

Police were in the process of reopening the intersection to traffic.

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