It’s Cold. Make Sure Your Pets Are Warm.

Otherwise, you're breaking the law.

Here’s a reminder as the Philadelphia region waits to be pummeled by a blizzard: Your pets want to stay warm, too.

That lesson has been learned the hard way in Atlantic County, where CBS3 reports that a puppy was found this week, frozen to death. A second dog found at the same location died later, after being taken to the vet. Both dogs’ water bowls had been filled with ice. Charges may be brought against the owner, several outlets reported.

“Please bring your animals indoors,” Atlantic County SPCA Humane Law Enforcement Agent Kate Warden told NBC10. “There is no excuse to have more animals dying in this extreme cold weather.”

NewsWorks reports that in Philadelphia, 20 pet owners have been fined for leaving animals out in the bitter cold. That number was 60 for the entire winter of 2014-15. The fine is $25.

One vet told NewsWorks that dog owners should check to see if there’s ice melting between a the pet’s paw pads: “We generally recommend after doing a walk to bring them in and wash and dry their feet.”