The Time Chip Kelly Snubbed Jim Kenney

New Philly mayor tells the story.

Hell hath no fury like Jim Kenney, scorned Eagles fan.

You may remember that Philly’s new mayor launched himself to national prominence back when he was on City Council by tweeting out taunts to New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who sat with Jerry Jones during a Cowboys-Eagles game. Well, it turns out Kenney wasn’t very fond of the Eagles coach either.

Today, Kenney went on Angelo Cataldi’s show at 94WIP to talk about now now-ex-Coach Chip Kelly snubbed him during a postgame encounter in their shared Old City neighborhood.

“I walked across the street into this little grocery store to get some milk or whatever and Chip, he was living in the neighborhood at the time. And the only two people in the store was he and I, and the owner,” Kenney told Cataldi. “And I said, ‘Hey coach great game.’

“And he turned away and never said a word and walked out the door. And as he walked out the door, I said, ‘Andy Reid would have said thank you.’ It was that kind of attitude and that stuck with me. And I said to myself, if he’s a great coach I’ll overlook that because Bill Belichick isn’t exactly the friendliest guy either, but they win. And when he didn’t win and with that personality, I was like, you know what? I’m done with it.”

The lesson? Mayor Kenney has a looooong memory.

But don’t worry: Kenney’s still an Eagles fan — we’re pretty sure it’s required in his oath of office — and tells the radio station that the Eagles are in his DNA.