Oops! SEPTA Schedules Filled With Errors

Morning headlines: Regional Rail riders could be misled by newly printed timetables.

Septa regional rail train

Photo Credit: Jeff Fusco

Good morning, Philadelphia. This is what you need to know today.

Oops! Regional Rail riders probably shouldn’t be looking at SEPTA’s printed schedules to make travel plans.

Philadelphia Business Journal reports that newly printed timetables on at least half the routes — which started new schedules on Sunday — have mistakes, potentially misreading riders. “We’re still going through the online and print to double check the schedules,” a SEPTA spokeswoman said . “There are so many intricate details with the schedules. Sometimes when you change one thing it has effects on other things.” Your best bet for knowing when trains leave? Check SEPTA’s website. In the meantime, reprints will cost an estimate $20,000; it could be up to six weeks before the corrected schedules are put into circulation.

Was Kathleen Kane trading in “Porngate” emails, too? (She says no.)

A Philadelphia prosecutor suggested as much Wednesday. “When is Kathleen Kane going to release the 58 emails her sister got or the 11 that were forwarded to her,” said Philadelphia Assistant D.A. Mark Gilson, “What about those emails? Every one of those emails have to be released.” PennLive reports that in response, Kane’s office released a number of emails that Kane’s twin sister, a state prosecutor, had received; Kane herself was recipient, before she was attorney general, of one of the emails — which the Inquirer says mocked minorities, featured barely clothed people of both sexes, and joked about domestic abuse. “Neither the attorney general nor her sister believes these emails rise to the level of pornographic or inappropriate,” Kane’s spokesman said. More to come, almost certainly.

A Wilmington church burned to the ground Wednesday night — and an amateur drone operator captured amazing footage of the blaze.

Officials say the fire at the New Jerusalem Missionary Baptist Church was the second at the church in as many weeks. “I can’t fathom two fires in two weeks,” said Eugene Brocks, the church’s pastor. “This is unbelievable.” Delaware Online reported that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms has been called in to investigate both fires. NBC10’s report on the blaze features video from a viewer who flew his drone straight over the fire as it occurred, getting a rarely seen perspective on the fire. One firefighter was injured, was treated at the hospital and released.

Is he a Wharton grad or isn’t he? Why Penn’s business school had to intervene in the Philippines’ presidential race this week.

Rappler reports that opponents of Liberal Party candidate Manuel Roxas II challenged his credentials this week, suggesting that he wasn’t really a Wharton grad, as claimed. “A Wharton graduate is a person who finishes his masters degree at Wharton, meaning you are a graduate of MBA at Wharton,” said one rival. “In your case, Mar, you are not, so don’t claim to be a man you cannot be.” Not so fast, Wharton officials said. “Wharton offers both undergraduate and MBA degrees. Mr. Roxas received his undergraduate degree,” a university spokesman said this week. Rappler reported that Wharton School had also featured Mr. Roxas, a 1979 grad, in its 2006 alumni directory.

The Sixers lost again, but they got one of the season’s best dunks from Richaun Holmes.

No, really, it’s a doozy: Watch it at The 700 Level. And as long as we’re concentrating on the positive: Holmes had 12 points and 7 rebounds in the 127-106 loss the Atlanta Hawks — not bad for a rookie second-round draft pick out of Bowling Green. Yeah, we’re grasping at straws here: The Sixers are now 1-26. We take what bright spots we can find.

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