VIDEO: Miss Piggy Covers Adele’s “Hello”

Everyone's favorite frog hog gives a dramatic interpretation to Adele's insanely popular tune.

Miss Piggy as Adele

Even if you are over Adele’s completely overplayed totally self-indulgent newest tune, “Hello,” there’s a new video of the song performed by the Muppets that is pretty sure to make you pick up the phone and call someone…to tell them to watch it.

The under a minute mixer, which is a promo for the ABC sitcom that features the iconic Jim Henson characters, includes the one and only Miss Piggy performing a spot-on interpretation of Adele’s music video. To make it even better, Kermit makes a guest appearance throughout the clip as well, playing the part of Adele’s ex-boyfriend in the re-imagined video.

Take a look at the clip below: