This 2016 Phillies Wall Calendar Has So Many Ex-Phillies

Cole Hamels is on the cover of the giant Phillies 2016 wall calendar. Another ex-Phillie, Chase Utley, is on the cover of the mini-calendar.

With 2016 less than two months away, we’re approaching peak calendar season — the time of year when empty mall storefronts become pop-up calendar shops, and you consider buying a wall calendar even though you only really keep track of your time with a digital calendar, if at all. Then you pick one up because they make great Secret Santa presents!

Anyway, I’d avoid this particular Phillies calendar made by Turner Licensing if you’re buying one — unless you’re buying a calendar for a sadist. Not only is since-traded Phillies ace Cole Hamels on the cover, but the calendar is full of former Phillies.

Yes, that’s Domonic Brown (dropped from the 40-man), Jonathan Papelbon (traded), Chase Utley (traded) and Ben Revere (traded) on the calendar. Utley is on the cover of the mini-wall calendar. (The back of this sample wall calendar also has a page of the Mets wall calendar on it, for some reason.)

The calendar was conceived when all of these guys were still on the team — a Google search says the product was offered for sale on on August 15th, which means it would’ve been put together before the trade deadline — but it’s still hilarious a Phillies novelty calendar features so many non-Phillies. “Note: All featured players were under contract at the time of printing,” the calendar says on the back.

Turner Licensing, which made the Phillies calendar, has not responded to an email requesting comment. One assumes this kind of thing happens every year for some teams, just not usually to this extent. The same company also accidentally put Boston’s Fenway Park in what was supposed to be a photo of Nationals Park in the Washington Nationals 2016 calendar.

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