Valley Youth House Seeking 250 Secret Santas For LGBTQ Youth

Valley Youth House, who recently made quite a local splash with their #CouchesDontCount campaign (it put couches in random places throughout Philadelphia in an effort to raise awareness over LGBTQ homeless youth), is in great need for individuals to contribute to their holiday gift drive.

The organization is trying to support 250 homeless and foster care youth throughout the five-county Philadelphia area for the holidays, and as of this publication, they’ve only been able to match 47 youth, according to a representative. That means there’s over 200 youth that are without sponsors.

There are several different ways individuals can help in Valley Youth House’s efforts. They can be personally matched with a youth to provide a gift from their wish list (the gifts must be purchased, wrapped, and delivered to Valley Youth House by December 4), or they can provide a gift card or monetary donation. Individuals can also donate refreshments for youth parties held by Valley Youth House throughout the Philadelphia area.

If  you are interested in assisting in the holiday drive, the organization has set up a special webpage where you can find out further information.