WATCH: #BlackLivesMatter Protesters Crashed Charles Ramsey’s Talk

He remained calm, cool, and collected at the Constitution Center last night.

Philadelphia Police Commissioner and soon-to-be-retiree Charles Ramsey had another run-in with #BlackLivesMatter protesters last night.

Only a few minutes into a talk he was giving at the National Constitution Center on the topic of “Policing in a Democratic society,” protestors intervened mid-sentence with their trademark “Mic check!”:

“I told you,” Philly’s top cop chuckled to moderator Jeffrey Rosen as soon as the chants began.

Unlike previous encounters with protesters from the movement, Ramsey stayed on stage, remained calm, and heard out the protesters — roughly a dozen of them. That was, until other cops (and Park Rangers) in the room thought enough was enough and escorted them out of the room.

The protestors mentioned several controversial cases of use of force, including the videotaped beating of Tyree Carroll in April and the shooting death of Brandon Tate-Brown in December.

“You have everybody’s attention. We can do one of two things: We can either take advantage of it and actually have the kind of dialogue that leads to real change, or we can squander it, just disrupt things,” Ramsey said in response to the protests.

But, he seemed weirdly appreciative of the interruption afterward.

“This was handled differently and we wound up with some good dialogue which is really what this event was about,” Ramsey said, 6 ABC reports.

In September, Ramsey dished out some constructive criticism on the Black Lives Matter Movement after they shut down his at Eastern State Penitentiary appearance.

“I want them to expand their focus, not to stop holding police accountable,” Ramsey said in a September phone interview. “I want them to address the disproportionate amount of violence in our communities.”

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