U.S. News: Penn 14th Among “Global” Universities

Philly's Ivy League university is tied with Yale on new list.

Penn ranks among the world’s very best universities, according to the latest ranking from U.S. News & World Report.

The magazine ranked Penn 14th on its list of “Best Global Universities,” tied with Ivy League neighbor Yale, and one spot behind Princeton. The best university overall was Harvard; the best non-U.S. university was Oxford, in the United Kingdom.

The rankings were determined by a list of criteria, including the university research reputation, how often it’s cited in academic publications, how often it’s cited in the Top 10 percent of academic publications, and the number of PhDs it awards.

Penn ranks ninth among U.S. News’ listing of American universities; the magazine has also rated the university has having the best undergrad business program and being the 11th-best value, overall, among American colleges.