Pa. Republicans Favor Trump, Carson

And other items from our morning report.

Good morning, Philadelphia. Here’s what you need to know today.

Donald Trump and Ben Carson are tied for first among Pennsylvania Republicans.

Looks like Keystone State Republicans are as enamored of “outsider candidates” as their brethren across the country, according to a new poll from Mercyhurst University. Trump and Carson share the lead among Pennsylvania Republicans, with 18 percent each. In third place? Jeb Bush, at a mere 9 percent.

“Indeed, Pennsylvania Republicans express a clear preference for a nominee who is a political outsider,” the pollsters report. “When asked how important it is that the Republican nominee for president be an outsider, a solid majority (57 percent) said it was important (21 percent “very important,” 36 percent “somewhat important”). “ Fun fact: Zero percent of state Republicans said Congress is doing an excellent job.

There’s more trouble for Kathleen Kane today: An attorney she fired is suing her for defamation.

James Barker, a “veteran prosecutor,” was fired in April — about a month after it emerged publicly he had testified against Kane during a grand jury investigation of her that later resulted in criminal charges. He’s suing her now, the Morning Call reports, saying she “publicly offered a series of false explanations for Mr. Barker’s termination that call into question his good name, honor, and integrity.” He’s asking to be reinstated to his old job, and to receive “unspecified damages” from Kane.

Here is what is happening to relics of the pope’s Philadelphia mass. (The ones that Bob Brady didn’t swipe, anyway.)

Officials with the Archdiocese of Philadelphia are giving away many artifacts from the pope’s parkway Mass, distributing altar chalices and other items to area parishes and high schools, CBS3 reports.

As for the big items? “The altar Pope Francis stood at, the ambo or pulpit from which he spoke, the president’s chair in which he sat, the concelebrant chairs and the large crucifix hung at the rear of the open-air altar were transferred to the Cathedral Basilica.” Officials are trying to find a place where they can serve as reminders of the pope’s visit when not in use.

PLCB is offering a special lottery for fancy spirits and liquors.

State officials have decided that “first-come, first-served” is a lousy policy when it comes to selling “limited quantitity” batches of special bourbon — so this month, they’re going to try a special lottery to fairly distribute the stuff.

“The LCB has tried to sell limited-quantity brands online, but last year a sale of Pappy Van Winkle bourbon caused the website to crash,” AP reports. “LCB Chairman Tim Holden said limited quantities sold online are often gone in minutes, making it hard for some customers to get them.”

Student debt really isn’t a problem for Penn graduates — they make a lot of money after graduation.

A new report from says that just 23 percent of Penn students graduate with student loan debt — and that those who do still make $75,336 a year after their loan payents are deducted. The latter number ranks 10th among American universities, the report says, making Penn one of the best values in academia.

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