Grindr Just Called the 2016 Presidential Election

Via Shutterstock

Via Shutterstock

If you’re sick and tired of hearing political talking heads going at it on CNN and FOX, I have some very good news: Grindr just released the results of their 2015 Election Poll of 1,718 users, and they’ve made some interesting analysis about how their users view politics.

First thing’s first: Grindr users of both political parties picked who they would vote for given the current nominees. Among Democrats (51% of users), Bernie Sanders beat out Hillary Clinton, but barely: 38% to 35%. For Republicans (all of those headless torsos on there, ya know), Trump got 21%, while John Kasich and Jeb Bush tied at 7%. Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina also tied at 5%, with the other candidates much lower.

The Grindr poll also discovered some other interesting factors: As a whole, “Grindr users are highly engaged in the electoral process, concerned about local and not just national issues, and motivated by ‘culture wars’ involving gay and other rights issues are playing out through elections.” For example, 75% of those polled said that they are “more involved” with local elections, such as those that deal with school boards. 64% said that “culture wars boost their intention to be active in the non-presidential elections.” The users were also relatively young: 56% were between 20-39 years old.

Also interesting to note, the poll asked users, “After marriage equality, what’s next for the LGBTQ movement in the U.S.?” 41% of respondents said pushing for the Equality Act to end legal LGBTQ discrimination, followed by fighting HIV/AIDS at 15%, ensuring states follow laws on marriage at 12.4%, and strengthening transgender rights was at 11.5%.

You can read the full report here.