Philadelphia Support Group Forming for Potential LGBTQ Parents

Via Shutterstock.

Via Shutterstock.

Starting a family is a daunting thing for anyone. Throw in the factor that a person is gay, queer, or trans, and things become all the more challenging.

That’s where the Therapy Center of Philadelphia, along with Philadelphia Family Pride, come in. They offering a 8-week workshop called “Maybe Baby” for LGBQ women and trans communities that will discuss a whole host of legal, financial, and medical concerns surrounding having a child.

The group “will help members learn about resources, share experiences, and support the process as they move along their journey into parenthood,” said Alison Gerig, the Executive Director of the Therapy Center of Philadelphia.

The “Maybe Baby” seminar came out of intense interest in previous parenting information sessions that Philadelphia Family Pride offered during conferences, according to the organization’s Executive Director, Stephanie Haynes.

“This group is an attempt to provide a more comprehensive approach than can be done in a few hours in one day,” Haynes added.

This session of “Maybe Baby” is open to LGBTQ women and trans communities, although a future session is being developed for cisgender and trans men. Meetings will take place on Mondays from 6 to 7:30 pm at 1315 Walnut Street from September 28 through November 16. The 8-week workshop will cost $320 per couple, or $240 if they are members of Philadelphia Family Pride.

For further information, or to register, call (215) 567-1111.