The 5 Best Pope Emojis in the New Popemoji App

Pope Francis is coming to Philadelphia, and now you can send your friends little cartoons of him.

Walk down any commercial block in Philadelphia right now and you’ll probably see the pope. The holy father’s picture is in nearly every storefront. He’s on t-shirts and hats and bobbleheads and beer and pretty much anywhere else you can think. And now, Pope Francis has his own emoji set.

The Popemoji application launched today for iPhone and Android devices. “We worked really hard to have his persona and his emotion and his fun charismatic attitude come through in each one of the emoji,” Evan Wray, designer of the emojis and GIFs in the app, told Mashable. Wray is a cofounder of Swyft Media, which released the Popemoji app.

I downloaded it and have spent the last 15 minutes annoying some of my friends with a series of pope cartoons. Here are my five favorite Popemojis.

5. LOVE Park

Here’s the pope posing in front of the LOVE sculpture like he’s an ordinary tourist, or Philly Jesus.

4. Crowdsurfing

In this emoji, the pope has just stagedived into a crowd of worshippers. It’s unclear if this happened at mass or if the pope was taking in a Christian rock concert. Maybe DC Talk got back together?

3. Liberty Bell GIF

In addition to emojis, the Popemoji app also contains animated GIFs. Here’s one where the pope has managed to get the Liberty Bell to swing back and forth — something that doesn’t usually happen. I guess when you’re the pope you have quite a bit of pull.

2. “OK”

Here, the pope thinks something is just OK.

1. Cheesesteak

Obviously, this is the best one. Here the pope has arrived in Philadelphia and is about to take an enormous bite out of a giant cheesesteak. Who cares if it has peppers on it? This rules.

The Popemoji app is available for Android and iOS. Download it here.

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