Pinkbox Sex Toy Vending Machine Heading to the Gayborhood

It was only a matter of time before PinkBox, the country’s first sex toy vending machine which launched in Philly several months back, made a (triumphant?) return.

We’ve learned that after a debut at Underground Arts during the Philadelphia Burlesque Festival in May, PinkBox will be heading over to the gayborhood this August to set up shop at Venture Inn. Interested customers will be able to pick up sexual goodies starting August 22nd at the Big Lebowski Sleepover party hosted at the bar.

PinkBox reps told us that the machine’s toys are going to be curated a little more towards a male audience during its tenure at Venture Inn (duh), and will stick around the bar as long as the business is hot (We couldn’t get a firm answer on how long PinkBox will invade the space).

Of course, the theory behind the concept is most interesting, as we reported back in May:

“This is, indeed, a unique and interesting concept for several reasons: For many, going into a sex toy store may be a bit daunting if not embarrassing, and if you order products online, it may take several days or weeks to receive them. Now, customers can track down a PinkBox, select what they want, and get it immediately and relatively discreetly.”