WATCH: Is This Surveillance Video of the hitchBOT Murder?

Warning: This footage is not for the squeamish.

Two days after the non-robotic hitchBOT was savagely murdered on the streets of Philadelphia, overtaking the deaths of that lion in Africa in the social consciousness, surveillance video has emerged that appears to show hitchBOT being smashed apart by a man who may be wearing a Philadelphia Eagles Randall Cunningham jersey.

It seems that the surveillance video was recorded at the same Old City location where “vlogger” Jesse Wellens dropped hitchBOT off early in the Saturday morning hours, as seen at 11:00 in his YouTube video:

To be fair to the alleged barbaric perpetrator, it is unclear in this short portion of surveillance video if the man killed hitchBOT or if he merely stomped on the already lifeless remains, but undoubtedly all of the investigative journalists in the world will be descending upon Philadelphia in the next 24 hours to get to the bottom of this horrific tragedy.

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