5 Things We Learned About Margaret Cho

Her show at Borgata's Music Box was everything you'd come to expect from the no-filter comedian.

Margaret Cho at Borgata's Music Box on Saturday.

Margaret Cho at Borgata’s Music Box on Saturday.

Margaret Cho is beyond a force to be reckoned with. Her set this past Saturday at Atlantic City’s Borgata, part of their OUT at Borgata program, was seriously one of the best stand-up acts I’ve ever seen, if for no other reason that Ms. Cho is so openly self-deprecating, so personally vulnerable in her show, that you can’t help but love every minute of her act. Of course, a part of why audiences love her is that she reveals a lot. Even hard-core Cho fans learn something new when they see her live. Here are five things that we found out, for better or worse, about the great Margaret Cho from her Saturday program.

1. She’s always wanted to have sex with Sarah Palin. Cho claimed that, when she shared the stage with Bristol Palin during a season of Dancing With the Stars, she had to tell her, “I’m sorry for all of the times that I said I wanted to eat your mother’s p*ssy from behind.” She later admitted that she could never have sex with Sarah Palin “because her vagina was frozen” and that she’d be scared her “tongue would stick to it.”

2. Fashion Police might be returning…with her as a co-host. Cho talked extensively about her friendship with the late Joan Rivers and that she was in talks with Melissa Rivers to re-launch Fashion Police. She didn’t give many details (minus a joke that she was hoping it would be called Fashion Police: Special Victims Unit), and said that she shouldn’t be publicly talking about it, but we’re waiting!

Cho performing at Borgata.

Cho performing at Borgata.

3. She used to do drugs with Anna Nicole Smith. In fact, Cho recalled after Smith died and she had one last pill left from her friend. The celebrate, she had red wine and lit a “multi-wick Jo Malone candle” before realizing that the pills and the wine didn’t go well together. She threw up, found the pill intact in her vomit, and swallowed it. Now, that’s commitment!

4. She thinks we need to get rid of the phrase “fag hag.” Her choice for a replacement? Dick Widow. She thinks that name would also make for a great Uber-like app that girls can use when their gay friends ditch them at bars so they can get a ride home.

5. She owns an extremely loud vibrator. Cho says every time she uses it, her neighbors’ TVs start to flicker because of the amount of electricity it takes to power it, and it’s so loud that protests erupt because people think she’s fracking. One time, when she performed at a lesbian convention, the hotel room didn’t have power outlets near the bed, something she calls a “hate crime.”