Forbes America’s Richest Families List: Sheetz Folks Richer Than Wawa Clan

And the Roberts family of Comcast shows up for the first time.


Forbes loves publishing lists of the richest people in the world, and we love reading them. And now, the publication has come out with its 2015 America’s Richest Families List.

We had some fun at Forbes‘ expense last year when they published their 2014 America’s Richest Families List, because they somehow managed to leave Philadelphia’s Roberts family off of that list, even though the Robertses clearly had enough money to make the cut. “First year doing it we knew we’d overlook some,” a Forbes editor wrote to us after admitting the error. But this year, Forbes made sure to get the people behind Comcast on the list.

The Roberts family takes 139th place on the list, tying the Yoh family, which owns conglomerate Day & Zimmerman. Both families are worth $1.8 billion, according to Forbes, and the Yohs managed to increase their worth by about $400 million since last year’s list.

Not too shabby.

But the Yohs and Robertses are paupers compared to Delaware’s Du Ponts, who claim the 14th spot on the list with $14.5 billion, just ahead of the Dorrance family of Campbell Soup, who are worth some $13.6 billion.

Other area notables include: the Haas family and their chemical money, which adds up to about $2.8 billion (what happened to the other $200 million you had last year?); the tree-trimming Asplundhs and their $2.6 billion (up $500 million from 2014!); the Pitcairn family and its $1.7 billion (up $100 million from last year); those McMansion-crazy Tolls, who didn’t manage to increase their wealth of $1.3 billion since 2014; and the Wood family of Wawa and their $1.3 billion. The Woods are worth $100 million more than they were last year, which is approximately equal to 20 million of their disgusting meatball “Classics,” based on Hoagiefest prices.

One interesting newcomer to the 2015 list is the Sheetz family from Altoona, whose namesake stores are just like Wawa but not as good. The Sheetz family is worth $1.9 billion, says Forbes, meaning that the Woods of Wawa had better get cracking and sell 120 million more sandwiches if they want to even think about catching up.

Here are the families above ranked by combined wealth:

1. Du Pont, $14.5 billion
2. Dorrance, $13.6 billion
3. Haas, $2.8 billion
4. Asplundh, $2.6 billion
5. Sheetz, $1.9 billion
6. Yoh, $1.8 billion
6. Roberts, $1.8 billion (tie)
8. Pitcairn, $1.7 billion
9. Toll, $1.3 billion (tie)
9. Wood, $1.3 billion (tie)

All of this family wealth is good and all, but some of these families as measured by Forbes are huge. Here’s what each family’s wealth breaks down to per person counted, assuming you’d spread the wealth evenly. First number indicates the size of the family.

1. Dorrance, 11, $1.2 billion
2. Toll, 2, $650 million
3. Yoh, 3, $600 million
4. Roberts, 5*, $360 million
5. Haas, 38, $73.7 million
6. Sheetz, 35, $54.3 million
7. Asplundh, 130, $20 million
8. Pitcairn, 200, $8.5 million
9. Wood, 196, $6.6 million
10. Du Pont, 3,500, $4.1 million

* It appears that this number includes Ralph Roberts, who passed away just prior to the Forbes article.

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