Mütter Museum Offering Free HIV Testing, Free Admission, and More

From the Mütter Museum.

From the Mütter Museum.

It’s not the most likely place that you’d get tested for HIV, but the Mütter Museum is throwing an all-day testing bash this Saturday, June 27 that is free and open to the public. It’s a great chance to kill two birds with one stone: know your status and check out the really creepy, cool collection at the Mütter.

“HIV is a serious and important issue for young people in our city and elsewhere, and our goal is to take away the stigma of getting tested for the virus by talking about it in a fun and interesting way,” said Jacqui Bowman, Director of the Center for Education and Public Initiatives. “Getting an HIV test should be considered a normal part of healthcare for all sexually active individuals.”

Lance Wahlert, the evening's speaker.

Lance Wahlert, the evening’s speaker.

Starting at 10 am, you’ll be able to get a free HIV/STI rapid test onsite. Once you get tested, you’ll gain access to the museum, full of all kinds of anatomical delights, plus an afternoon of activities, food, prizes, and more. At 5:15 pm, Lance Wahlert, Ph.D., from the University of Pennsylvania will present “I Know You Are But What Am I?,” a lecture on the ethics of HIV testing through recent history. A cocktail reception will follow.

It’s worth noting that the Mütter also offers a unique “Out4STEM” program, which we reported on this past November. For more information on the Mütter Museum, visit their website.