“Big Brother” To Have First Transgender Houseguest

Audrey Middleton from "Big Brother."

Audrey Middleton from “Big Brother.”

TMZ is reporting that the newest season of Big Brother will have the first transgender contestant in the U.S. version of the popular reality show. The houseguest’s name is Audrey Middleton, and she’s already making it clear that she’ll use her (five seconds of reality TV show) fame as a platform to raise trans awareness.

According to TMZ, “Audrey will become the first transgender on the U.S. version of the show, and she plans to use the program as a showcase … similar to what Caitlyn Jenner has been doing. Audrey grew up in a small Georgia town as a boy, and life was far from easy. We’re told when she transitioned several years ago, her family had a hard time accepting it, but they’re now fully supportive and on board. The 25-year-old was inspired by Caitlyn Jenner’s story, but she’s also just a big fan of Big Brother.”

You can watch a short interview with Middleton below: