Romanian Illegals Charged in Center City ATM Scam

Hope you didn't use this particular ATM.

Aura Voicu (left) and Silviu Serban (right) have been arrested.

Aura Voicu (left) and Silviu Serban (right) have been arrested.

If you used an ATM on the 1800 block of JFK Boulevard in Center City at the beginning of May, you might want to check with your bank to make sure your cash is still there.

Philadelphia Police have announced the arrest of Aura Voicu, 24, and Silviu Serban, 30, in an ATM skimming scheme. The pair allegedly targeted an ATM on that block and attached a skimming device to it to obtain bank private bank account information from the ATM’s customers.

Police say that after being tipped off to the device on May 6th, investigators were able to find surveillance video showing Voicu placing tape over the ATM’s camera before installing the device. Detectives from the Major Crimes division identified Voicu and Serban, both of Queens, New York, as suspects and placed them under surveillance.

They were taken into custody on May 13th and have been charged with theft, receiving stolen property, access device fraud, and unlawful use of a computer, among other offenses. According to police, Voicu and Serban are in the United States under expired tourist visas from Romania.


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