Hot Enough for You?

It will be. It will be. Record temps and a heat advisory are expected today.

How hot is it going to be today? Well, look at the map on the right. The colors range from orange to deeper shades of red. Which means, depending on where you’re at, it’s either going to feel hot — or maybe just stiflingly hot.

Another hot day is expected tomorrow. Temperatures will be similar tomorrow as they were today, but the humidity will be…

Posted by US National Weather Service Philadelphia/Mount Holly on Thursday, June 11, 2015


NBC10 says record temps and a heat advisory are expected today:

Temperatures could climb to the record high of 95 degrees, NBC10 First Alert Weather Chief Meteorologist Glenn “Hurricane” Schwartz said. Humidity will continue to build through the day and push the heat index — how warm it actually feels — toward the century mark.

The high heat and humidity combo can prove dangerous for anyone doing prolonged work outdoors and those with breathing issues. Philadelphia health officials are reminding citizens to drink plenty of water and not overexert themselves Friday.

So be careful out there today, folks.