WATCH: Philly’s Marc Lamont Hill and CNN’s Don Lemon Discuss Baltimore Rioting

Hill: "Freddie Gray is dead. That is why the city is burning."

Philly’s Marc Lamont Hill was on CNN Monday night with Don Lemon to discuss the rioting in Baltimore:

The Weekly Standard quotes Hill:

“This is not a riot. There have been uprisings in major cities and smaller cities around this country for the last year because of the state violence that’s been waged against black female and male bodies forever. And I think that’s what’s important here. I agree with you, Don, we can’t ignore the fact that the city is burning, but we need to be talking about why it’s burning and not romanticize peace and not romanticize marching as the only way to function. I’m not saying we should be hurting, I’m not saying we should be killing people, but we do have to understand that resistance looks different ways to different people. and part of what it means to say black lives matter, is to assert our right to have rage and righteous rage and righteous indignation in the face of state violence and extrajudicial killing. Freddie Gray is dead. That’s why the city is burning. And let’s make that clear: The city is not burning because of protesters. the city is burning because the police killed Freddie Gray.”

A fuller transcript of Hill’s comments can be found at the conservative NewsBusters blog.