Meet Sprinkles the 33-Pound Cat from Sea Isle City, New Jersey

That's about 23 pounds overweight.


Sprinkles, the 33-pound cat.

Word has come to us from the eastern shores of New Jersey of the existence of a 33-pound cat. Yes, a 33-pound cat.

So we got in touch with Stacy Jones Olandt, the person currently caring for Sprinkles the 33-pound cat through S.O.S. Sea Isle City Cats, a non-profit organization that cares for sick or stray cats in the popular Jersey Shore town.

Thanks for taking a few minutes to talk with me about Sprinkles the 33-pound cat.
Phew. My pleasure. I’ve been doing cat rescue since seven this morning, and I am currently in bed with the 10 cats that live in my house. So fire away.

How did you come across Sprinkles the 33-pound cat?
Sprinkles the 33-pound cat was born to a captured feral cat in Sea Isle City four years ago and adopted out through S.O.S. Three days ago, the home where she had been adopted to was foreclosed upon, and she was surrendered to the county shelter. They told her that they had adopted her from S.O.S. So the shelter called me.

Other than being fat, what else is wrong with her?
Well, she was in pretty terrible shape. The shelter director wrote me a note that said, “Hi, Stacy, please don’t hate me.” I picked her up from the shelter and took her to our vet. Amazingly, she does not have diabetes. But she was infested with fleas. She was infested with ear mites. We’re not sharing pictures of her butt, but if you’ve seen the 600-pound humans on the TV, it’s like that. Her whole rear is swollen and has urine burns, because she’s not capable of cleaning herself.

Three days later, how is she doing?
She’s letting us clean the red, raw spots, and she’s so sweet. The lovingest, most precious cat. She’s happy now. And she has a beautiful face, which I guess is what they say about fat girls. And now everywhere I go, people want to know about Sprinkles the 33-pound cat.

How much should she weigh?
About 10 pounds. She’s a small frame. Maybe up to 14 pounds. She’s only 4 years old. It will take a year and a half to get the weight off. But once it’s off, the vet said she would give her a tummy tuck pro bono.

They give cats tummy tucks?
Well, you can’t have her skin dragging on the floor.

Fair enough. How on earth could a cat get this fat?
Nobody really knows. We believe she was given the opportunity to free feed. Now, most cats will just eat what they need, as opposed to most dogs. But some cats for psychological reasons will just keep eating and eating. She either had access to an unlimited amount of dry kibble or Kentucky Fried Chicken or McDonald’s.

Is she able to move around?
She can barely stand and she can hardly walk. We were able to get her to raise her paw by waving a feather over it. But she can’t walk. She can waddle a little. And she can’t actually step into her litter pan, so we made a mini-ramp out of a folded quilt.

Are you looking for someone to adopt Sprinkles the 33-pound cat?
Yes, we are always looking for people to adopt. We’re actively looking for a home, but she can’t go to a home where people free feed or where the person works all day. She needs to be a companion cat.

Good luck with everything!
Thank you very much for the interest. If your readers are interested in giving her a good home, they can fill out the contact form on our website.


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