New Eagles WR: Philly Fans Let Air Out of Dad’s Tires in 2009

Miles Austin used to play for the Dallas Cowboys. During the 2009 season, Eagles fans let the air out of three of the tires on his dad's car.

Matthew Emmons / USA TODAY Sports

Matthew Emmons / USA TODAY Sports

Miles Austin signed a one-year deal with the Eagles late last month. The wide receiver, who will be 31 next year, spent last year with the Cleveland Browns. But before that, he was with the Dallas Cowboys for eight seasons.

Yes, the Cowboys, the most hated of all franchises for an Eagles fan.

But apparently that showed: Speaking to 94 WIP’s morning show today, Austin said in 2009 Philadelphia fans deflated his dad’s tires.

“There’s experiences my family has had,” Austin said. “My dad had three tires deflated when he came to the Philly game my third year.

“He probably came out with a big Austin jersey and told them, who knows,” Austin said, when asked how the fans identified his father. “The good thing was, the tires weren’t slashed, they were just deflated so it just took air to fill ’em back up. It could’ve been slashed and then he would have had to get new tires, but he just called Triple-A and they filled ’em up later on that night.”

You see that? Philly fans are so nice they didn’t slash an opposing player’s dad’s tires. They merely let the air out of them.