Coming Next From Philly Mag: BizPhilly

Our new business and innovation channel launches on April 30th.

Tom McGrath, Philly Mag editor, here. Over the last few years Philly Mag has undergone tremendous growth and change — with a lot of that change originating right here on

In January we launched Citified, our politics and urban affairs channel, which people around the city have been buzzing about. Last fall we unveiled a digital Sunday edition, which has quickly become a must-read for people subscribing to it (you can sign up here). We’ve done more and more when it comes to live events, including our annual ideas conference, ThinkFest, and our annual fitness event, Be Well Philly Boot Camp (reserve your spot now for this June’s boot camp). And this is to say nothing of the other channels — from Shoppist and Ticket to Wedding and Birds 24/7 — that we’ve created to cover Philly on a daily basis.

I’m excited to announce that at the end of April we’ll have another new addition to the Philly Mag family. It’s called BizPhilly, and it’s a platform focused exclusively on business and innovation in Philadelphia. BizPhilly will feature daily digital content, frequent print stories in Philadelphia magazine, and live events starring some of the brightest, most intriguing people on the Philadelphia business scene.

So why business, and why now? In part because it’s a sector of Philadelphia that we haven’t covered very much, particularly on the digital side of things. There are interesting stories to be told and interesting characters to learn about in the world of business, and BizPhilly will give us a platform to do just that on a daily basis. Just as important, we believe there’s a large community of people out there who are hungry for a different kind of business information than they’re currently getting — a community that wants not only to keep up with all the innovation that’s happening in the world, but also to have Philadelphia be a place where innovation is born.

Editing BizPhilly will be Jared Shelly, who comes to us from the Philadelphia Business Journal. Jared is already bursting with ideas about how to serve the BizPhilly audience, and I’m confident that under his leadership we’ll create something that anyone who’s interested in business will be reading on a daily basis.

We’re launching BizPhilly at a time when we’re feeling tremendous momentum. We set a traffic record at during the month of March, and I’m proud to say that in the hundred-plus-year history of the magazine, our journalism has never been read by more people. Thanks for reading as we continue to grow and cover Philadelphia in a smart, provocative and engaging way.