Former Gov. Corbett Is Collecting a State Pension

He was a leading critic of state pension system. Now he's benefitting from it.

Former Gov. Tom Corbett

What? Me worry?

Former Gov. Tom Corbett, once a leading critic of the state’s pension system, is now receiving a state pension.

TribLive reports:

Former Republican Gov. Tom Corbett, a vocal advocate for pension reform, is collecting a $38,765 state pension, retirement system records show.

He withdrew a $118,378 lump-sum payment based on his contributions with 4 percent interest earned, records reflect.

Corbett’s pension is based on a final average salary of $186,204, an amount that reflects annual cost-of-living raises Corbett declined as salary. He kept his salary at $174,914 for four years.

Corbett’s pension is based on his time as governor and attorney general. Former Gov. Ed Rendell receives an annual pension of $22,358 and withdrew a lump-sum payment of $96,420; Former Gov. Tom Ridge receives $11,961 a year and withdrew a lump sum of $45,023.