Kevin Hart’s Get Hard Is a “Two-Hour Joke That Gay Rape is Hilarious”

kevin hart get hard

On Monday night, Philly-bred comedian Kevin Hart was at SXSW to premiere his latest film Get Hard. The buddy comedy co-stars Will Ferrell as a man who’s about to go to prison, so he solicits the help of Hart’s character to get him prepared for all the typical things we hear happen when you’re behind bars. Unfortunately, a lot of tasteless jokes are made at the expense of race and gay sex. Variety even goes so far as to call it “the most high-profile comedy ever made about the subject of prison rape.” But instead of being eye-opening, it turns out to be rather cringe-worthy and downright offensive.

As part of his prison-prep routine, Ferrell decides to try to perform oral sex on a guy, and he takes an older gentleman into a bathroom stall. “I’m going to suck your d–,” Ferrell says, but he’s so disgusted by the thought, the scene will feel homophobic to some viewers. Another running joke has Ferrell shove objects up his anus.

Variety‘s not the only outlet to notice. HitFlix suggests that the film is basically “a two-hour joke that gay rape is hilarious.”

There is nothing this movie can imagine that is worse than gay sex, it seems to be saying. How in the year 2015, as we see over 30 states finally recognizing same-sex marriage, can we possibly justify this thing? How can anyone sit in the theater and just laugh and laugh and laugh as the movie repeatedly screams, “Oh my god, gay people are so gross!”

Hart made headlines several weeks back when he said he wouldn’t play a gay character in a movie, but it seems like tasteless gay jokes are totally on the table. Shame, shame.

Get Hard releases in theaters on March 27th. Trailer below: