WATCH: Philly Native and His Family Featured in “Love Has No Labels” Video


By now you’ve probably caught sight of the Upworthy-approved “Love Has No Labels” PSA that went viral this week. The work features folks from various sexual, religious and ethnic backgrounds as skeletons behind an X-ray screen set up on a busy strip in Los Angeles. The point of the project is to show that we all look alike underneath—or in this case as skeletons—and that love, as the title suggests, should carry no labels.

One of the couples featured in the project has local ties: Germantown native Anthony Henderson, who has since moved to Los Angeles to become a fashion stylist to the stars, shows up with his husband—and former Philadelphia suburbanite—Jason Strong and their son Marcelino.

Anthony and Jason have been together for nearly 10 years. In May of 2014, they adopted Marcelino. Jason says he and Anthony decided to get involved with the project, because “love comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors. … I want everyone to see that love is love. It has no color, it has no gender.

Anthony adds that he wants to show that “Our family is no less than any other family.”  

You can check out the full video below. Anthony, Jason and Marcelino’s moment comes at about 1:49 mark, and it’s adorable.