WATCH: Man Trashes Philadelphia Little Caesars in Epic Surveillance Video

Valentine's Day turned violent at the Little Caesars on West Girard Avenue. A customer threw a haymaker at the cashier and began trashing the counter.

Police are looking for a man who freaked out at a Little Caesars on Valentine’s Day, throwing punches at a cashier, grabbing the phone and cash register and knocking over a rack of food. He eventually fled in a car with some friends.

The footage, from the Little Caesars on West Girard Avenue, is one of the more incredible police surveillance videos in some time. Let’s go through it with GIFs.

Little Caesars fightThe video shows the man enter the Little Caesars, engage in an discussion with a cashier, who cops say is 35. He must have been in the store before, because after just a little bit of conversation he throws a punch. What could the cashier have possibly said? It’s a haymaker but, given the distance between him and the cashier due to the counter, that was probably all he could throw.
boxingThe cashier then assumes a fighting position and it looks like we’re about to have an actual fistfight across the counter.
Little Caesars fightBut, no, the man on the other side almost half-heartedly goes after the cashier with another punch – one thrown with little of the force the first one had.
Little Caesars fightHis friends attempt to calm him down, but he is too angry to do anything but shove them away.
Little Caesars fightThen there’s a shove of a cash register right into the cashier’s lap. Why hadn’t the cashier moved away from the counter by that point? I guess he wanted to protect Little Caesars at all costs.
Little Caesars fightAnd then, the coup de gras, the man across the counter knocks over the heater that was warming some Crazy Bread or whatever.
Little Caesars fightOf course, he’s not done. After all those heavy objects failed to damage the cashier, he tosses a small cardboard box at him. It’s like a Japanese role playing video game where you have to figure out which item works on the final boss.

He really winds up well on this toss. Shouldn’t he be in Clearwater already? Pitchers and catchers have reported for Spring Training.

Little Caesars fightAnd then he completely clears the counter. Just a minute before, this counter was full! It’s actually impressive how quickly he knocked everything off of it.
Little Caesars fightHe and his friends eventually leave. The guy going off in the Little Caesars is also the driver of the vehicle, which means that must not have been a smooth ride. Feel for his passengers.
caesars-people-sittingBut enough about him. Who are these people just sitting there the whole time? They respond to the one-man-mayhem by sitting there and not moving at all. Their faces are blurred, so perhaps they made facial expressions, but they don’t appear to flinch much when the man who just destroyed the Little Caesars says something to them afterward. They receive the “Most Philly Philadelphians” award of the day.

Police are asking if anyone recognizes this man to contact them. He’s wanted for aggravated assault. You can submit tips to police by calling 215.686.8477, texting a tip to 773847 or using this online form.

In other news, Little Caesars will soon debut bacon-wrapped crust pizza.

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