Here’s How You Can Chat With Madonna on Grindr

Oh God…it’s true.

All of those Rebel Heart selfies might finally be paying off. Grindr has teamed up with the Material Girl herself to offer lucky fans a chance to chat with Madonna on your favorite yellow smart phone app.

No, you can’t just log on and start messaging the pop diva at will (because, bitch, she’s Madonna); you’ve got to win a contest first.

Start by changing your Grindr profile picture to one of you recreating the Rebel Heart cover art (get out those iPhone charger wires!) and add the hashtag #LivingForLove somewhere in your profile text before Valentine’s Day. You’ve got to keep that embarrassing wire-laden selfie up through February 15.

Five lucky winners will get a chance to chat with Madonna herself on Grindr, while six others will win a copy of the Rebel Heart album (three will be autographed).

Love her or hate her, you’ve got to admit that this is a unique promotion that shows Madonna knows her fan base.