George Takei Retweets Brian Sims Photo that Leads to Astroglide Advertorial

A few hours ago Star Trek legend and super out advocate George Takei tweeted something that looked awfully familiar:

Yep, that’s our very own State Representative Brian Sims. But that’s not where the funny stops. The link actually goes to a Queerty Astroglide advertorial that features “Ten Most Eligible Bachelors Who Will Inspire You To Stick To Those New Year’s Resolutions.”

Awkwardly, the first paragraph is about lube and self-pleasure:

The weather outside is frightful, but any of these guys warming our beds would be utterly delightful. We teamed up with our friends at Astroglide to come up with a wish-list of eligible bachelors that we’d be proud to bring home to Mama.

We’d also want to be well-stocked with Astroglide if a miracle happened and one of these gents actually managed to find their way into our bedrooms in the coming year.

But since that’s just innocent daydreaming, good thing the stuff works great solo, too.

The list comprises everyone from out soccer star Robbie Rogers to Zachary Quinto to, yes, Brian Sims, who they describe this way:

Sexy beefcake Brian Sims, Philadelphia’s first openly gay lawmaker, won our hearts when he posted a #tbt photo of that time he played football for Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania. But despite 15 years having passed since he’s donned a helmet, Brian is only getting better with age. Woof.

So anyway, yea, that happened. Have a great night!

(h/t: Philebrity)