Wish You Were Uncut? ManHood Claims To Replace Foreskin in Circumcised Men

The next time you’re on Grindr and someone asks you if you’re “cut or uncut,” you can say you’ve got ManHood (WARNING: website is majorly NSFW).

Yes, that’s the name of the Canadian-based company that sells “foreskin substitutes” for all men, whether they are circumcised or uncircumcised. The makers of the small pouches, which look like little coin purses (but a lot sassier), credit science for their big idea:

“When you’re circumcised, the head of your penis (the glans) loses the protection that your foreskin provided. This makes the surface of your glans dry out and toughen, damaging thousands of sensitive nerve endings intended to bring pleasure. As you grow older, the damage worsens due to the daily wear and tear on your exposed glans.”

The ManHood Gold

The ManHood Gold

They suggest that circumcision can lead to difficulty with erections and orgasm and loss of sensation in the penis; they even go so far as to compare it to removing one’s eyelid (“Our eye ball would slowly dry, thicken, and die”… ewww). That’s where ManHood comes in. By attaching the handmade, 100 percent silky polyester pouch to your penis, the makers of the product claim the glans will become “smoother” and “more sensitive” within 30 days.

There are two different “models,” so to speak: the “ManHood Original,” which has been “repairing damaged glans and increasing penis sensitivity since 1995,” and the “ManHood Restorer” for men currently trying to restore their foreskin. (Not sure which one to get? Why not try a combo pack for $29.99?)

And, if you aren’t circumcised, ManHood can also help: The product can “keep the head and foreskin covered, protecting you from the harsh, scratchy damage of your clothing. The relief is instant and you can finally stop being distracted by discomfort!”

It appears to be more than just a marketing ploy, too. A page full of happy customers rave about the results of ManHood, many claiming that their sexual lives have improved dramatically since they used the product. One man goes so far as to say “Your invention changed (and improved!) my life so much!”

Who knew a little piece of fabric could be so life-altering? If you want more info, check out their website, which even includes some models wearing their ManHoods.