The Best Thing That Happened This Week

No-show snow.

We know, we know; you had plans for Tuesday, goddammit. You were going to stay in your flannel jammies all day and binge-watch the whole last season of Mad Men. You were going to go sledding with your best buds and then get Wawa mocha lattes! You were going to finally catch up on some great long-form journalism. (As if.) And then the meteorological forces that be, weren’t, and there was nothing but a dusting, and you had to go to work after all. (Us too!)

But hey. Let’s be real. Remember last winter? The snow that fell and drifted and piled and then fell and drifted and piled some more? The way it hung around forever, getting grimier and icier and dog-piss-yellower until you thought it wouldn’t melt until July?

Yeah. So. Stop feeling like you were cheated. It was better this way.