Philadelphia Named 9th Kinkiest City in the Nation

Kink University (KU), a site that seeks to “improve the world’s accessibility [to kink] through learning fun, safe, and effective skills related to consensual kink and other aspects of sensuality,” just released a list of the nation’s kinkiest cities, and Philly cracks the top 10 at No. 9.

To come up with the list, KU ranked 50 major U.S. cities with the following criteria: “total kink population (as measured by active members on kink social network Fetlife), the percentage of the population that identifies as kinky, the number of kink-aware professionals (therapists, doctors, lawyers) listed on the NCSF’s excellent resource directory, and by the porn purchases of their inhabitants, using data from”

According to their research, Philly broke the top five in one metric: “Total Kink-Identified Population,” with 27,411 of us claiming to be kinky. Then we hit the top 10 in nearly all others, including No. 7 in “Porn Habits” and No. 7 in “Number of Kink-Aware Professionals.” Funny enough, Harrisburg also hit KU’s radar, with over 10 percent of our capitol’s population identifying as kinky.

KU seemed surprised that Philly made the list, but it makes sense. With a handful of sex-positive advocates, like one of our faves, Dr. Timaree, who hosts the Sex With Timaree podcast and recurring improv show DTF, to myriad boutiques, like The Velvet Lily, Danny’s and Sexploratorium, you can get your kink on on nearly every corner of this city.

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