Is Yuengling Banned From Wolf’s Inauguration?

Republican representative says beer prohibited because of political reasons.

Tom Wolf

He hasn’t been inaugurated yet, but incoming Gov. Tom Wolf already has a scandal on his hands.

State Rep. Mike Vereb on Thursday appeared on Dom Giordano’s radio show and said that Yuengling beer is not being served at Wolf’s inaugurral events this weekend — probably as political payback for the company’s support for “right-to-work” laws opposed by labor unions.

“Somebody, there’s a bureaucrat in this transition team that does not like Dick Yuengling because of his stance that he took in defending Governor Corbett on right to work a few years back. Yuengling employs Pennsylvanians. It’s America’s oldest brewery. It’s the economic driver in Pottsville, not to mention that whole region…He takes care of his employees. He’s not unionized, and frankly, neither is Tom Wolf’s cabinet company.”

“I really can’t say that Governor-Elect Wolf is definitely knowledgeable about what’s going on. I really believe it’s bureaucracy at work. Who turns down free beer? It’s un-American. If we’re getting down to this level, and some people were critical of me even, raising the issue. I think it’s a major issue. This is a brewery that has expanded, a brewery that takes care of employees.”

 The Inky reports getting the classic scandal response: A non-denial denial:

Asked if Yuengling’s draft was getting the shaft, Wolf representative Beth Melena said: “We met our beverage needs, and we have a variety of choices for attendees from a number of breweries, including Pennsylvania-based breweries.” She would not elaborate.

 Brewery officials are not commenting.