Penn Frat on Probation for Christmas Card

Parent organization cites "a severe lack of judgment."


Phi Delta Theta’s international organization has put the Penn chapter on probation after the fraternity’s Christmas card featured a “Beyoncé blow-up doll” that offended minority groups on the university campus. (See above.)

The Daily Pennsylvanian reports:

“Our investigation determined that a severe lack of judgment, not malicious intent or hateful feelings towards any particular group, was the root of this insensitive act,” Sean Wagner, associate executive vice president of the international organization, wrote in a statement.

“We once again apologize for our mistake,” Phi Delta Theta and Interfraternity Council President Jimmy Germi said in the statement released by the international organization. “We intend to go beyond what has been asked of us and hope to set the standard for fraternity men by collaborating with other student organizations, developing and implementing long-term educational programs and hosting campus-wide events to address issues within campus culture.”

Fraternity members will take cultural sensitivity training classes for the duration of the probation.