Firefighters Get Raise, Permission to Move Out of Philly

Mayor Nutter announces contract agreement with firefighters union.

Mayor Nutter announced a contract agreement with the city’s firefighters union, Local 22, at a noon press conference.

“Philadelphia’s firefighters have been awarded a new four-year contract that increases salaries by 9.25 percent over the life of the agreement,” the Inquirer reports. “The contract permits union members with five or more years of experience to live outside the city, a provision that was included in the last contract with the city’s police officers.”

Councilman Bobby Henon issued a press release praising the result:

“I want to congratulate IAFF Local 22, its membership and President Joe Schulle, the Nutter Administration and everyone involved in today’s news that an equitable agreement has been reached in supporting our firefighters and paramedics.

By agreeing to not challenge this award in court, the Administration has sent a much-needed positive signal for labor relations in Philadelphia, and particularly to the first responders that have worked diligently to keep our citizens safe for so long during this arbitration process without contractual certainty.

I also want to recognize that all four major municipal employee unions are now under contract.”

Councilman Ed Neilson emails:

“I applaud Mayor Nutter and Firefighter’s Local 22 President Joe Schulle for working out their differences and agreeing to a long-term contract rather than battle it out in the court system for years. This will help City Council along with the Mayor better plan ahead, as we get ready to start the City’s budget process. I believe this is a fair contract for both the City and Local 22. I’m glad neither side had to spend significant resources in the court system to come to an agreement. When labor and management work together, the best interests of all Philadelphians are protected. As I stated in the past, our first responders deserve better. I’m glad to see that the Mayor and I are on the same page”.