Tollefson Scheduled for Trial Today

Ex-sportscaster accused of selling fake trips to ticket buyers.

Former sportscaster Don Tollefson is scheduled to — really this time — go on trial today on charges he sold fake sports-theme trips to benefit charities, pocketing more than $300,000 along the way.

NBC 10:

The 62-year-old Tollefson pleaded guilty in September but withdrew his plea last month before his sentencing. Tollefson said he decided to take back the plea and fight the charges after praying and determining he was innocent.

He was arrested in February and charged with defrauding at least 200 victims through travel packages to the Super Bowl or other sporting events.

Tollefson took money for nonexistent tickets and claimed some of the money would go to charity, said Matthew Weintraub, chief prosecutor at the Bucks County district attorney’s office.

Philly Mag profiled Tollefson and his troubles back in June.