Poll Shows Pa. Gay Marriage Support Rising

A dramatic increase over the last decade.

gay marriage

The Morning Call reports on a new poll that shows more than six in 10 Pennsylvanians now support same-sex marriage — a dramatic increase during the last 10 years.

Asked if they believe marriages between gay and lesbian couples should be legally recognized and granted the same rights as traditional marriages, 62 percent of respondents said yes, 32 percent said no, and 6 percent were undecided.

Those figures were inverted when the college’s pollsters asked about the issue in 2004, when only one state, Massachusetts, recognized marriages of gay or lesbian couples.

At that time, 35 percent of Pennsylvanians said they supported legalizing same-sex marriage and 54 percent were opposed.

Pennsylvania’s ban on same-sex marriage was overturned by a federal judge last spring.