Q&HEYYY: Pissi Myles On Harassing People at Wawa, Drag Race Dreams, and the Two Things That’ll Make Her Cut a Bitch

Getting to know Philly’s best drag performers.

My name is …  Pissi Myles! My name came about when my boyfriend and I were fighting about Christmas music. After the fight had gone on for about five minutes, I yelled, “You’re gonna turn me into Pissi Myles in a minute!” I, of course meant to say Missi Pyle, but it was golden. We both agreed it was my new name.

I started doing drag, because … I needed an excuse to make off-color jokes and sing Judy Garland songs.

Who’s your drag momma? Youtube.

If I was a Real Housedrag of Philadelphia, my one-line catch phrase would be … “Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful, hate me because your husband thinks I’m beautiful!”

On Christmas Day, you’ll find me … face first in an apple pie. Probably in sweats.

Before I go on stage you’ll find me … going over lyrics for the 100th time, or fixing my hair, gluing nails, re-gluing nails, going over lyrics again. It all looks effortless onstage, but before the show starts I’m like Amanda Bynes at yoga class.

The makeup/accessory I couldn’t live without is … my hair. I’ll lend out anything, but when people touch my hair I turn into a monster.

My inner diva comes roaring out when … the milkshake machine is broken at McDonald’s.

After a long evening of performing I … usually harass the good people at Wawa on Walnut Street.

My dressing room must always … be well lit.

To keep my girlish figure I … eat six donuts a day and wear a corset.

The most under-rated Philly drag queen is … Aurora Whorealis. I think she’s so funny!

Philly’s drag scene could use … more of my shows.

If I was a clown-chaser, I would definitely go after … Pennywise. He’s less scary than most of these clowns …

Have plans to compete in RuPaul’s Drag Race? We’ll see how I feel in January.

Upcoming gigs? Catch me every month at L’Etage for LipSchtick! (coming up on December 20th at 8 pm, and January 10th at 8 p.m.). You can also catch me with some of my best buddies wishing you a Merry Pissmas at Tavern on Camac, December 11th at 10 p.m. After that, I’ll be appearing at The Eric Jaffe Show, also at Tavern on Camac, on December 19th, and I’m super excited to be performing with the amazing Sherry Vine in “A Very Sherry Christmas,” at Tabu on December 26th.