Wolf to Pay for State Security Team Needs

Renting an office near his residence, where he'll live instead of governor's mansion.

Tom Wolf

First he declined to take a paycheck. Now, he’s saying he’ll rent office space for the security team assigned to him.

Whatever else you think of Governor-Elect Tom Wolf, it appears that Pennsylvanians at least will get him cheap.

AP reports:

Pennsylvania’s governor-elect, Tom Wolf, plans to use his own money to rent office space for state police security officers while they are guarding him at his private residence, where he plans to live as governor, a transition team spokesman said this week.

“This is one of those situations where he doesn’t want the taxpayers to pay for it, or incur any additional cost,” a spokesman said. “It’s something he doesn’t want to sock the taxpayers with.”

Wolf plans to live at his own residence — 20 miles south of Harrisburg — rather than the governor’s official residence. The security team will be headquartered in a building across the street from his home; Wolf previously owned the building, but later donated it to the Otterbein United Methodist Church.