WATCH: Fox 29 Hired a Steamroller to Run Over Some Cheese

The steamroller stunt was a way for Good Day Philadelphia anchors to cheer on the Eagles this Sunday. Sure, why not?

The 7-2 Philadelphia Eagles travel to Green Bay on Sunday to take on the 6-3 Packers, and you can get cogent analysis on Birds 24/7. And if you want rah-rah boosterism, you just need to turn to Fox 29’s Good Day Philadelphia.

They’ve been rooting on the Eagles all week. Yesterday, Good Day’s Mike Jerrick tossed a hunk of cheese into the street so it could be run over by a SEPTA bus. And, today? Fox 29 actually hired a steamroller to run over photos of the Packers’ players and cheese.

As you can see from the GIF and video, the steamroller ran over a variety of cheeses — including brie, a French cheese. Seems like a waste of good cheese, but who knows: Maybe this steamroller will lead the Eagles to victory on Sunday. 8-2 here we come!

[Fox 29]