No, Ed Rendell Doesn’t Want to Be Your Next Mayor*

*But it sure doesn't sound like the door is completely closed.

Over at NewsWorks, Dave Davies speculates on the possibility of an Ed Rendell run for mayor in 2015 — then immediately disabuses us of the possibility.

Rendell told me someone is always asking him to “run for mayor and save the city.”

“It’s not just business people and political people who call me and say that,” he said. “I can’t go to an AM-PM or a 7-11 without people saying, ‘you’ve got to run for mayor again.'”

Rendell said he doesn’t think the city needs saving. If Philadelphia were in a desperate, Detroit-like crisis, he said, he’d consider running again. But that’s just not the case, and so nobody should be looking for him to come to the rescue.

Asked if he definitively won’t run, Rendell said: “It’s just not on my radar.” Which is not a full-stop “no,” is it?