Philly’s Passional Boutique Teams With Suddenly Fem to Sell Fashions for Transgender Women

Sud-fem-products-2Philadelphia’s Passional Boutique and Sexploratorium is teaming with Suddenly Fem, the national retailer that specializes in clothing for the M2F woman, to sell a collection of clothing for crossdressers and transitioning transgender women.

Suddenly Fem, which, before now, was primarily a online-based clothing company, will offer dresses, teddies, gaff panties, skirts and pants at Passional, where personnel has undergone collaborative training meetings with Suddenly Fem to be better prepared to guide the transitioning customer.

Passional‘s Kali Morgan says she gets a lot of requests from trans customers. “We have sold items for the transgender community since the start of our business, but this partnership will allow us to offer a wider variety of merchandise and educational resources for this underserved market.”

The collaboration began this June, when Suddenly Fem Vice President Tyler DeSouza met Morgan at the Mazzoni Center‘s Trans-Health Conference, where they were both manning booths. “I was impressed by their organization, and after visiting the store I could not think of a more appropriate retail placement for our designs.”

And he couldn’t be happier to kick off this new face-to-face selling venture in Philadelphia, which he notes has recently seen increasing benefits, protections and healthcare services for transgender individuals.

Suddenly Fem‘s clothing is available now at Passional, which is located at 317 South Street. For those strapped for cash, Suddenly Fem also recently donated $5,000 worth of clothing to theMazzoni Center‘s Sisterly Love Trans* Wellness Project, where folks can go pick out a few items free of charge.