Landlord: Jon Gosselin Abandoned a Kitten After I Evicted Him

"We called Jon and asked him about the kitten, and he seemed unconcerned," Jon Gosselin's landlord told Star magazine.

AP-jon-gosselin-andy-kropa-invision-ap-400Recently, Jon Gosselin was evicted from his Wernersville, Pennsylvania, home after bouncing rent checks. The owners say he was reneging on the rent-to-own contract he signed with them last December.

Now, they’re talking even more. In an article tastefully titled “EXCLUSIVE: Jon Gosselin Hits Rock Bottom, Star magazine reports Gosselin not only left the house a dump after being evicted, but abandoned a tiny kitten there.

Abandoning a kitten in your house? At least drop it off in a box somewhere.

“We called Jon and asked him about the kitten, and he seemed unconcerned, saying it belonged to his ex girlfriend Liz [Janetta], who left in September,” [one of the home’s owners] says. “He just left her there. It broke my heart, but we adopted her.”

Contacted by Star about this startling development, Gosselin told the magazine: “What [the owners] are saying is not completely true … . Now they are in deep trouble. I’ve already filed with the courts. I have nothing more to say about the situation.”

Last year, Philadelphia magazine’s Simon van Zuylen-Wood profiled Gosselin as “a maître d’ … living in a cabin in the hinterlands of Pennsylvania.”